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The following Pinboard feed contains links to climate change news items, scientific articles and other information that I have bookmarked recently.

Climate Action Tracker

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is an independent scientific analysis produced by two research organisations tracking climate action since 2009. We track progress towards the globally agreed aim of holding warming well below 2°C, and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C. (date: 08/03/2021)

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University of Reading and Net Zero - Jump

This week’s guest blog comes from Dan Fernbank, Energy and Sustainability Manager at the University of Reading. Dan shares the sustainability progress made by the University of Reading in 2020, despite the myriad of challenges faced throughout the year. He then looks ahead to 2021, with a highly anticipated Net Zero Carbon Plan to be launched across the University. (date: 26/02/2021)

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Anthroposphere - Wikipedia

(sometimes also referred as technosphere) is that part of the environment that is made or modified by humans for use in human activities and human habitats. (date: 18/01/2021)

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Future weather extremes likely to break new records - Met Office

A new set of projections from the Met Office reveal that extremes of rainfall and high temperatures are expected to exceed the extreme conditions that we have already experienced in the UK, breaking records and placing increasing challenges on health, infrastructure and services. The latest addition to the set of UK Climate Projections (known as UKCP) will be published by the Met Office later today [Thursday 22 October, 2020]. (date: 06/01/2021)

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BBC lookup tool climate metrics relating to UKCP18 extremes

The BBC have developed a new lookup tool using data from UKCP18 to show how certain climate metrics for rainfall and temperature will change by UK postcode. This tool has been launched ahead of tonight's episode of Panorama: Britain's Wild Weather, detailing some of the extreme weather we've seen this year and what might lie in the years ahead. * * * (date: 06/01/2021)

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Feed the future: Human existence may depend on the success of the Second Green Revolution

* Aquaculture refers to the farming of fish and other sea life under controlled conditions in tanks—as opposed to the harvesting of wild fish. I’m intrigued by the idea of recirculating aquaculture systems, which recycle water by circulating it through filters to remove fish waste and then recirculating the water. This process saves water and gives farmers the option to compost the waste. * Hydroponics let people grow plants without using soil. Plants are instead fed with a nutrient solution. Just like with aquaculture, recirculating water can reduce water use significantly. Runoff gets recaptured, and all water is reused. * Aquaponics combines aquaculture and hydroponics systems. When fish eat and produce waste, it becomes food for bacteria, which gets converted into fertilizer for plants. This means that you’re able to grow plants in a very high yield and a very high density. Plus, aquaponics only uses 10% of the water of soil-based agriculture. * Vertical farming is exactly what it sounds like—a technique where you can produce food in vertically stacked layers. This style of farming provides the best lighting frequency, the ultimate fertile period, and optimal temperature. The number of crops you can grow per square meter is significantly greater than what you can grow on land-based agriculture. Your farming takes up less space and you produce more food. (date: 05/01/2021)

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10 point plan

The green plan looks good, but the government must live up to its promises. #climate #emissions (date: 09/12/2020)

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