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RT @ReadingCAN: Don't be late! Last chance to submit your feedback on the #RDGUK #ClimateEmergency strategy ... (date: 25/06/2020)

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Fast-growing mini-forests spring up in Europe to aid climate

Often sited in schoolyards or alongside roads, the forests can be as small as a tennis court. They are based on the work of the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, who has planted more than 1,000 such forests in Japan, Malaysia and elsewhere. Advocates for the method say the miniature forests grow 10 times faster and become 30 times denser and 100 times more biodiverse than those planted by conventional methods. (date: 13/06/2020)

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Catchment Climate Change Risk Assessment - Enviropedia

These Catchment Climate Change Risk Assessments (CCCRAs) are a ground-breaking piece of work that that was done between December 2014 and September 2015. * They are light-touch risk assessments of the updates to the draft River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs), which went out to public consultation on 1 October 2014. * They will help us to understand where climate change impacts pose a risk of us failing to maintain good ecological status or even to hold the line with the measures proposed in the plans. * These risk assessments will be publically available in the online appendix to the River Basin Management Plans. To find out more please see link to CCCRA microsite (date: 12/06/2020)

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May 2020 Water Situation Report

For the South East England: May was the third consecutive month of below average monthly rainfall. Only 5mm of rainfall was recorded across the South-east of England during May which equates to 9% of the long term average. There was an average of 28 dry days during the month and most of the areal units had the driest or second driest May on record. The dry weather resulted in the soil moisture deficits almost doubling during the month to well above the long term average and there was virtually no recharge anywhere in the South-east of England. River flows and groundwater levels fell throughout the month, but most of the key indicator sites ended the month at normal levels or higher, with a few exceptions. (date: 12/06/2020)

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RT @UniRdg_SustBE: Still time to respond to #rdguk climate change strategy consultation @ReadingCAN @ReadingCouncil @traceyrc #ClimateEmergency (date: 11/06/2020)

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River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) (part 2) 2015

The additional information document for the RBMP 2015. On page 22 it mentions 'Initial light touch assessments for each management catchment in England have been undertaken by the Environment Agency...', these are the Catchment Climate Change Risk Assessments that I lead on with the environmental planning teams in the Environment Agency. (date: 09/06/2020)

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XDI Adaptation Tools

The XDI Platform brings together asset level data sets with extensive climate models to provide deep analysis of an organisation’s exposure to climate change and extreme weather risk. Five key products provide powerful on-demand quantitative insights for decision makers, financial managers and investors. From high level assessment to granular detail. From probabilities of failure to a business case for adaptation. From 1990 until 2120. By area, by asset, by business or by hazard. XDI is your partner on the journey from risk to resilience. (date: 20/05/2020)

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I hope everyone’s ok. My blog if you have time for a read – on #ClimateChange and a bit of hope in these dark times… (date: 05/04/2020)


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