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Thank you for visiting my website. It's a place I have created to share some of the things I have learned about climate change, as well as my music and other interests. I've designed it to be simple to use, safe and responsive. The site is not interactive so I don't collect any personal information about you. There are no links to dodgy sites, and whilst there may be some poor grammar in places, there is no bad language. I hope that you can therefore feel confident to explore these pages no matter how old or young you are.

I don't allow adverts on my site, as I don't like way our information is snooped by the big internet advertising companies. Hence I don't get any money directly from the pages. If you do feel moved to support me that will be amazing and inspiring. I did think about setting up a 'tips' button but even better for me if you head to my Bandcamp page and buy a song or two.  :o)

Contacting me

If you want to get in touch please e-mail contact[@] or I'm @StaticRainChris on Twitter.

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Unless otherwise labelled, all materials displayed on this website (including text, images, music, programming and design) are copyright © 2006-2020 Chris Beales. All rights reserved. I assert my right to ensure that no alterations are made to these materials. I also assert my moral rights.