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Environment Pages

These pages are focused on the most important issue that faces us in the world today. They are about climate change and what we can and must do about it.

You may be wondering why I feel that I need to write this. There is a lot of information floating around the internet, in newspapers and in books. Surely there is enough out there already? I would be inclined to agree with that but I keep getting dragged back to earth:

Probably worse than anything else though is that I am not doing enough to curb my excessive lifestyle. And I really do know better. I trained as an environmental scientist, with particular interest in meteorology and modelling; and my day job is as a hydrologist working for the UK Environment Agency. Yet I guess I too have been guilty of despair.

I have a website now though. Whilst I created it to present my music to this virtual world, I see the opportunity to pass on some of my understanding about climate change and what we can do to minimise it. Hopefully some people will pass through and maybe get inspired or maybe find out something new.

I hope as well that writing and researching this will lift me out of my blues and inspire me to make more of an effort. I know that there is hope. We haven't got long but we have got a little bit of time to sort this out. We've just got to get started, keep up the momentum and lead by example. It really is a beautiful world out there, it is important that we try and keep it that way.

Chris - December 2007

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